Tips for creating a environmentally friendly event, exhibition and trade stand

By March 5, 2019 Exhibitions, Trade Shows

Here at Project Station we are constantly on the look out for ways we can reduce our waste and carbon footprint both in the office and when building custom exhibition stands. With a little bit of planning and commitment there are a few simple ways we encourage our event clients to reduce the waste left over at the end of the exhibition, here are a few hot tips:

Incorporate recycled materials into the design and build of your custom exhibition stand – reclaimed wood, mis-matched furniture etc all lend a hand to create a unique and quirky look to your trade stand.

Re-use your stand – So many exhibition stands get thrown out at the end of the event however with a bit of planning the entire stand or at least some of its components can be used for a future event and is a real cost saver moving forward.

Do away with pamphlets and print outs! – So much paper advertising is used at events which contributes significantly to the waste at the end of the event. Why not direct all customers to your website for further information, Use apps, QR codes, or, if you must use hand-outs make sure the paper you print on is recycled material.

Don’t hand out plastic water bottles and individually wrapped items to participants, instead place glasses and water pitchers in the meeting space and have bowls of fresh fruit on offer instead of wrapped candy or snack items.

Place recycling bins next to trash cans for easily depositing the odd plastic bottle.
See? Not so hard is it! If you need any more tips on how we can assist you in making your next event, trade stands or Exhibitions more environmentally friendly do not hesitate to contact us.

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